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Pepakura Gallery The copyright for eachy work belongs to its author. Please contact the author for permission to use data for other than personal use. ID Stahlhelm by Momoishappy.

Just a stahlhelm from about a month ago. Make sure to adjust the size to your liking. ID creative destruction grenade video game by dhal.

ID ak assault rifle by alexander rahirant. Basic ak assault rifle shape. Also known as the Kalashnikov. Enjoy my first model,good Luck! It is set to the same scale ratio as the chest for easier scaling. You will need to modify the front of the chest plate to be more accurate and to properly fit the box. I recommend freehanding with cardboard. ID Enclave Remnant helmet fallout by Powerarmordivision.

Advanced Power Armor MK. ID winchester by alexander rahirant. ID Fallout 3 Minigun by Gardian. Fallout 3 Enclave Helmet with custom textures. ID Pickelhaube 2. I decided to do a remake of my old Pickelhaube. This one is much closer to the originals, and looks much better than the first one I posted. Have fun! ID locator by shannon.Good grief and mother of God! You surely have inspired me to make my own now.

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I've been doing research for about three days to figure out how to get started and I've come up with plenty of people that have made their own version, but hell this one is espectacular! Great work and great tutorial too, make sure you let people know this blog exists cause its some help indeed for those who want to make our own.

Be sure to add a text box in the videos on Youtube to lead people to the link in the description. Seriously, what an amazing work and help dude!! Greetings from Spain. Thanks very much : If you have any questions about it let me know, I'm only too happy to help. Hi Nathan, This was unfortunately a one off build, however i know there is a helmet cast over at the Replica Prop Forum. Send me a quick message on my facebook page and ill send you the link :. Hello I am building one myself and quick question what material or object did you use for the eyes so that you were able to see out of it?

I just used some flexible clear bubble plastic and it seems to work pretty well. I wish you luck on your own build :. Hello, sorry but when i should take pepakura file? Sorry i am russian :. Um sorry i looked over it a bunch of times but i cant seem to find where you told us the material of paper you used to print this helmet out?

My first Or second, the pulse rifle seems to be sitting and thinking real attempt at a replica prop was the Fallout 3 Brotherhood of Steel helmet. Buy yourself a pack of 50 GSM weight card. The best way to get into pepakura is to start small and easy to get use to how it all works, then go nuts on your project. One mistake I made was not being accurate enough. Any messy bits or things you stuff up in the initial build will take twice as long to sand and fill later.

Also when starting on pep items its best to start with the bits that need to be symmetrical, as you will see below.Ever since I read about pepakura helmets, I wanted to build my own.

My first attempt was the classic master chief helmet, sadly I was not able to complete it since the cardboard material, I got was to thin and flimsy. My 2nd attempt was an Ironman helmet. Although I was able to complete it, I did not like the way it turned out.

FREE PEPAKURA Star Wars,Predator,Halo, BattlestarGalactica, pacific rim,...

So I gave up on pepakura until I came across this link:. The problem I had with pepakura, is that I always end up with a flimsy looking build. I was not willing to work with fiberglass as we have kids running around the house. I read about plaster and glue sticks as alternatives and those are materials I was happy to work with.

My friend updated this build and put up an antenna and LED lights. He also started wearing this together with the vest. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Fallout 3 – Charisma Bobblehead

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. I found out that it's always easier to pick a portion of the build you want to start at first, cut those and assemble it. You can use elmers glue, instant glue or gluegun during assembly. I opted for the glue gun since it made the joints more rigid and stable. Although you really need to work fast with a glue gun. After everything has been assembled.

It's time to make the lenses. I used an old red plastic sheet cover from a ring binded document I have, any clear plastic would also do. I used this as it was easier to cut. Dont glue it up yet, just see if it fits. Time to get those glue sticks. This made the helmet sturdy enough to be worn. Another method suggested that you melt the glue sticks and pour it on the inside of the helmet. I'm sure that method would be better but as said we got kids running all over and having melted plastic is never a good idea.

You can now start putting plaster on the helmet. I was not able to get a photo of it, since working with plaster meant mixing and splattering.

I also put elmers glue on the plaster mixture so it will dry faster.

fallout pepakura

Make sure the plaster is really dry. Go on and spray paint the whole thing atleast 2 coats. You can either wait until you finished painting the helmet with flat balack before putting the foams in so it will fit on your head or put them on before you spray paint with flat black.

I inserted and glued the foams before as flat black application since I wanted everything painted black. I got a lot of electronic junk, including old webcams and old cellular phones.

Fallout Armor Pep Files + References

The blood red is actually water color poster paint. I made a template for the logo and just spray painted using the silver paint. I spray painted the red poster color with clear coat just to keep it from fading. Yes, finally you can put on the lens. There you have it.I was commissioned recently to make a replica of the Terrible Shotgun aesthetically identical to the Combat Shotgun from Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

A special thanks goes out to Mike McDermott BillyBob on DeviantArt for his pepakura skills: he put together a pep file of the Combat Shotgun available in very handy PDF format, that I referenced more than a few times during the course of this project. Thanks dude! I think one of the nice parts about my write ups is that things are largely pretty approachable. Even still, the roots are similar.

I started off by making blueprints in Illustrator, based on as much in-game reference as I could pull together. Barrel heat sink, sights, drum magazine — many parallels can be drawn between the two designs. I scaled the stock on the Combat shotgun to that of the PPSH rifle, and the remainder of the blueprint was scaled accordingly.

I chose to make the stock on the gun from laminated sections of red oak. The areas for the trigger mechanism and barrel mount were cut from the center section before gluing the sheets together, as this made these recessed cavities much easier to construct as opposed to chiseling them from a solid chunk of wood. Red oak is about as easy to sand as a block of concrete, so more drastic methods were used to get the stock into shape.

I started out with a rather angry looking grinding drum and gradually worked my way through 50 grit sanding paper all the way up to I attempted to chisel out some sections, but the oak splinters very badly and I found grinding to be the best method of getting the proper look and feel.

The forward grip was also shaped from a block of red oak. The grip channels were added on my mill with a very long bit. The lower grip sits on a long threaded rod which passes into the rear stock and the magazine catch.

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At this point I switched over to the drum magazines. These parts are assembled from three pieces which are all vacuum formed from ABS plastic.

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The bucks were made from MDF with acrylic parts and furniture tacks used for added raised details. After the ABS was pulled over the bucks and trimmed out, the center section was inserted into a PVC coupler and gently heated until it retained the proper curve to match up to the front and back plates. These still needed a fair bit of additions to be functional.

Also, while the ABS held its shape fairly well, the large flat sections flexed very easily. The shot below shows the interior bracing of one of the ammo drums. The upper sections of the magazines were cut out in a semicircle, and an ABS pipe was glued in place sanded down from the last shot below, that was just rough placement.

fallout pepakura

The inner diameter of this pipe matches the outer diameter of the heat shield on the gun, where matching magnets were mounted. A large ceramic magnet was epoxied to the inside of this piece before gluing the magazine shut. The last pieces for the drum magazine were the alignment panel and wing nut. The wing nut is a piece I molded in order to make multiple copies for multiple magazines. Getting back to the meat of the build, I had sourced a few different diameters and thicknesses of aluminum pipe for the barrel and heat shield.

Fallout - самая дорогая фигурка в силовой броне анклава X-01

This area of the gun is the inside of the magazine holder, and the four large holes mark where 4 neodymium magnets are mounted to hold the magazine in place. The slot cut out of the inner barrel makes sure this clears the magnets when all the parts are installed.

The magazine holder itself was made out of several pieces of laser cut acrylic, laminated together.Forums New posts Search forums Non-stemming search.

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Non-stemming search. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Kommissar Start date Nov 22, Kommissar Jr Member. StevePerv Member. Please tell me how you did the rounded edges, and this is a very nice build you have going on. Z0M8I3 Member. StevePerv said:. I love how you did the rounded edges also, just makes it look more realistic.

Please tell us how you did that. What kind foam ya use? Cool, Thanks I appreciate it. Its EVA Anti static foam mats that he is using. Night Stalker Jr Member. Dude that turn out great!

Are you gonna make the helmet as well? I can't wait to see it finished. NayrDeath Member. Wow, this is really making me wanna try foam as a new median! Great job!

Night Stalker said:. Kommissar said:. Late to the meeting Guest. If you invest in some red cellophane and two flashlight bulbs cut the cellophane and then shin the lights on the cellophane from the inside of the helmet make sure there not to close to your eye's or you won't be able to see out of the cellophane make sure is tinted cellophane not matte colors.

I just. I just dont Sumofl Member Southern Regiment. You and I have the same idea around the same time huh? EDIT: there's a bunch of peps for the helmet floating around, Hugh Holder made a awesome pep file for it.Forums New posts Search forums Your purchases Non-stemming search.

Media New media New comments Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. RPF Shop. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Your purchases. Non-stemming search. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter rundown Start date Apr 30, Last edited: Jul 21, Stormie Well-Known Member.

Re: Free starwars the force awakens pepakura files This is cool! Last edited: Dec 1, Re: Free starwars the force awakens pepakura files Great work man! Re: Free starwars the force awakens pepakura files The snow and flame trooper have already bin unfolded. I'm awaiting unfolders for this new file though! AndyJ Active Member. Re: Free starwars the force awakens pepakura files Fantastic! I'm wondering if you have way to post high-poly versions of them for 3D printing.

Gilmortar Sr Member. Re: Free starwars the force awakens pepakura files Rundown, do you mind if I do that? Revamp them for 3d printing? Re: Free starwars the force awakens pepakura files AndyJ said:. Gilmortar said:.

Rundown, do you mind if I do that?Jump to navigation. What if we told you the only thing standing in your way was access to some high-density paper and the patience to assemble the helmet a single fold at a time? Sergio Martinez is a fan of papercraft, but this isn't your Grandma's origami crane set. No, this is Pepakura, the art of taking a 3D model and converting it to a printable paper schematic, then carefully assembling it in the real world.

From there anyone with the time and skill can carefully cut out and glue the pieces together to create a real-life model of their favorite in-game items. Pepakura is commonly used by cosplayers to make high quality full scale sets of armor without having to have them professionally manufactured. Once you've created the basic model out of high quality cardstock it can be used as a basic model to adhere high quality resins and fiberglass to.

It's a relatively cheap, time consuming hobby that gives players a chance to bring their favorite pieces of gear in video games to life. You can read more about his trials and tribulations as well as find the link to a fully printable PDF blueprint for his helmet in his official Reddit post. The person who created and uploaded the original Pepakura file upon which Martinez based his build is a designer known as Rundown.

Rundown's files have also been used by other prop makers, including NoHopeLeft, who shared a video of his helmet build in action earlier this year:. View the discussion thread. Video Game Reviews. Build your own Fallout Power Armor helmet Jan 12, Related News.

fallout pepakura

Fallout 4 goes to Miami in stunning new mod overhaul. Jul 25, Fallout: Miami is a fan overhaul mod for Fallout 4 that just released a new trailer showing off sunny, irradiated beaches, ghouls in pool floaties, Fallout 4 VR exploit lets you grab the Cryolator gun without picking the lock. Dec 12, The Cryolator in Fallout 4 is a pretty fantastic gun that freezes your enemies in their tracks and lets you slice through their health bars like a Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition arriving in September.

Aug 10, To entice those potential Wastelanders, and hopefully bring back Crysis Remastered announced.

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